Houses For Sale Near Me

Signs Houses for Sale Near Me Are Priced Too High

It can be hard to determine if houses for sale near me are priced too high but there are some signs.


The Home Is Priced Higher Than Neighboring Properties: In many neighborhoods, home values will be close and consistent. If a home is overpriced, it’s much higher than other homes for sale in the neighborhood. While it’s not impossible for homes to have huge value differences, it’s usually rare.


Other Homes Are Selling: If other homes in the neighborhood are selling, it could be due to the price discrepancy.


Open Houses Are Duds: Less than 2% of homes actually sell as a direct result of an open house but open houses do provide buyers the opportunity to look at homes without feeling high pressure. Sellers may choose to not do open houses but if the open houses are duds and no one is walking through the home then the price can be an issue.


Internet Traffic Is Low: The majority of homebuyers do their searching online so if the traffic is low, it can be related to price.