Real Estate Agents In Sandton

Working with Real Estate Agents in Sandton

There are some unspoken rules about working with real estate agents in Sandton that you should be aware of.


Understand that agents work on commission and if the agent doesn’t close a transaction, he or she won’t get paid. This means that real estate agents in Sandton are motivated to do a good job for you. Agents don’t work for free so don’t ask an agent to work for you if you intend to cut him or her out of the deal.


Keep appointments and be on time. You should be respectful of time and you can’t expect an agent to drop what he or she is doing to show you a home.


Don’t call the listing agent if you are already working with a buying agent. If you hire the listing agent to represent you then the agent will be working under dual agency and conflicts of interest can occur.


Always be sure to make your expectations known and communicate clearly about what you expect so there are no misunderstandings.