Real Estate Agents Near Me

What Should Real Estate Agents Near Me Be Doing for Sellers?

Real estate agents near me should be doing their best to represent their homes for their sellers.


Price the Home Correctly: Pricing the home correctly is one thing that real estate agents near me can do. Good real estate agents avoid giving in to the desire to just make the sellers happy. Pricing a home too high can cause major issues with the sale. Buyers can avoid the home and it can develop a bad reputation.


Market the Property: Real estate agents should be great at marketing. Agents should be taking pictures of the property or hiring a professional photographer if necessary.


Communicate Effectively: Sellers need to know what is going on with their home and not just when there is an offer. Real estate agents should update customers on feedback from showings and concerns.


Make Sure the Buyer Is Qualified: Not everyone can get preapproval for a home loan and a good listing agents should make sure buyers are prequalified.